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Thread: Formatting product descriptions

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    Default Formatting product descriptions

    Over time (the last 5 years!) various fonts and text sizes have crept into into our product descriptions. Is there an easy way to strip this formatting out across all products?

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    I would export out to excel, find and replace with what you want and then import back in.


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    I know you can as Jamie implemented this to our site, but I've not got a clue how!

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    You should be able to do this fairly simply by overriding any style held within the HTML with CSS.

    Within the 'template editor' and with the 'site' tab selected, scroll down to 'Additional CSS (developers):' and try copying & pasting the following code into the top of the field:

    .p2 {
    Font-family: 'arial' !important;
    font-size: 14px !important;
    color: #000000 !important;
    Obviously change the font, size and colour to whatever your after. Note that this will also take effect on all other text with the <p> tag (paragraph) throughout the site, but hopefully not a bad thing as it will make it more uniform. However, if you don't like the changes simply delete the code and you'll be back to as before.


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