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Thread: Product Tab for Related Products?

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    Default Product Tab for Related Products?

    Hi. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to move Related Products into a product tab please?

    I've tried adding %product_related to a product tab, then activating that tab in the Product Editor, but the tab content area remains blank.

    I also tried adding a conditional around the variable ( [IF product_related]%product_related[/IF] ) in case that was needed, but no joy there either.

    If I add other variables such as %product_title or %product_custom1 to the same tab, these pull in the appropriate content correctly. For some reason the related products variable isn't doing the same.

    The product in question definitely has related products assigned to it. I have tried turning on and off the Related Products block in the Layout Editor. I've also tried including and excluding the %product_related line from the HTML of the Product Detail page. None of it is making a difference.

    Is it possible to do what I'm attempting to do? Thanks.

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    Well it's always the way: straight after I post, I figure it out!

    In case anyone else needs to do this and stumbles on this thread, here's the solution:

    1) Go into the Block Manager
    2) Duplicate the Related Products block
    3) Edit the duplicate block and rename its title as appropriate
    4) Make a note of the block's variable at the bottom of its Properties tab, e.g. {%block_55}
    5) Then go to Catalogue > Product Tabs, and edit the tab into which you want Related Products to appear
    6) Paste the variable from step 4 into the Tab Content field, and save.

    As long as you've configured your product to show this new tab and have added some related products to the product, they should appear in the larger style that they usually do when at the bottom of the page.

    [NB. If you're just looking to insert the addable related products to the tab (the tiny ones with a price and checkbox), you can use the main Related Products variable %product_related for this rather than making a duplicate block. Just remember to tick the 'Addable' checkboxes in the product editor.]

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