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    Apologies that this has nothing to do with bluepark but it is technical. Our daughter is at the University of Leicester and submitted her assignment in three parts as was wanted but they didn't receive the 2nd part and therefore she has been seriously marked down for this. Assignments are submitted through a website and there is not always an acknowledgement that they have received it o she didn't thnk anything of it until her grade came back.

    We were just wondering if anyone knows if there is any way of prooving that she sent it. She has proof of when she last edited it which was the day it was submitted. The university have given her the opportunity of resending it with evidence, personally I think there is a flaw with the system as they don't have an option to send in hard copies.

    I appreciate any help on this and apologise again as its off topic but I know how clever you all are and thought it was worth a try.

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    Is the last modified date on the file the same or similar to parts 1 & 3?

    If 1 & 3 were submitted then I guess you may be able to try and prove there was no reason to not submit the document as it was never modified after the hand in date. Then argue why they don't have a formal acceptance system for such an important project.

    I know....the above is easier said than done.

    Aside from that I am not aware of any proof mechanism for an upload aside from the browser history which isn't direct proof as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prettycool View Post
    there is not always an acknowledgement that they have received it.
    This would be what I would be looking at, something that important should be 100% correct.

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    Thanks guys I think shes going to go with all of that and perhaps suggest that there is a flaw with the system but I agree why would she bother to submit parts 1 and 3 and not upload part 2. I'll let you know how she gets on.

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    What about checking the browser history - don't click on the link, but mouse over it and the URL should show - therefore you might be able to bring up a 'trail' on the day she submitted.


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    Thanks everyone who replied but I'm afraid to say my daughter lost her appeal because of lack of proof of sending the assignment. She tried all the suggestions but all to no avail. On top of this the lecturers start their strike and her last lecture was cancelled because the lecturer couldn't get in because of the weather. Not bad for over 9000 a year of debt!

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