This is something that other CMS do out of the box, but BP doesn't. I was told to create a forum post to see if there is any other interest.

Basically, I want to be able to generate a document that lists the item values for a particular shipment, for things like pre-orders, backorders and layaways. I can see this being very useful for people using customer credit accounts.

The way I envisage it is that, on the despatch screen, there will be an option next to the existing DN buttons that will print an invoice for just that shipment. The invoice number could be the order number with a suffix. Sellerdeck do it by splitting the order, which seems kind of overkill to me, but it keeps it tidy.

It seems to me that all you'd need to do is create a version of DN's that has prices on it and call it a "remittance slip" or "payment advice" or something with "THIS IS NOT AN INVOICE" written on it to deal with the legalities of invoice numbers and so on.