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    Default Inbound spam links

    Today I found I have 3,990 inbound links to my main site many from the same sources, but I have almost 8,000 spam links all coming into the blog url /blog. My question, how can I change the standard ur /blog to something different so I lose all this spam.

    I have banned all but UK based country codes (except certain European and the US) in the hope this helps.

    Has anyone else had this issue?

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    In site-->configuration-->news options if you toggle the mode from Blog to News it will change the url from /blog to /news. However, strongly suggest you investigate before doing so to see what the implications would be with regards to what has already been posted and how the change would affect future posts and any loss of functionality.

    If you think these incoming links could be damaging your SEO have a look at using Google's Disavow Links Tool.

    Finally, if the Blog is not part of your SEO plan you could block access to the Blog by either uploading your own robots.txt file to the /user directory with Disallow: /blog/ line added or add code to each Blog post to block access.


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    Thanks Dave,
    I actually found Site>Configuration>Site options then scrolling down to 'IP addresses to ban:' and listed all the IP addresses of the rogue incoming links and they have already started disappearing.
    Also as we only supply to UK mainland I was able to list all the 2 letter country ISO codes which also helped, remembering to keep US so I didnt prevent the google bots. I am now checking to block specific IP addresses too.
    I want to keep the blog seo friendly for the moment so wont be setting up a robots.txt file but thank you for the good advice. Now I just need to start selling more of my storage boxes!
    Paul Hopkins
    Storage & Removal Boxes Ltd
    TAs The Box Warehouse
    House Removal Boxes, bubble wrap supplier, removals packing materials

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulH View Post

    remembering to keep US so I didnt prevent the google bots.
    You need to ok india for access then....


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