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    Default New website

    Hi everyone,

    My website has recently been launched with Bluepark. I would appreciate critical eyes taking a look and advising upon any user issues or clangers dropped.

    Many thanks


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    Your links to facebook etc down in the bottom right are still the generic site links, not linking to your specific pages.

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    Thank you for pointing that out. I will have to get my daughter to sort that side of things out for me as I haven't a clue.

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    I would recommend a strapline or some photos on the home page - its not clear what you do until you read the text and most people skim a site. It is very plain looking so a few images would improve that or logos of the makes or photos of the cars.

    The main logo should be a link back to the home page.

    Looking at the meta data you need to improve this for SEO.

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    Thank you for those points. It looks like I have a bit of work to do.

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    Hi I would suggest you activate the mobile site as currently on a mobile you just get the desktop site.

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    A little more colour and images would really give the site some life, and also maybe a strap line. Both of these would help people understand what you are offering more quickly.

    I'd highly recommend using the brand logo's on your "vehicle keys" category pages too, again to make the page more inviting and easier to navigate.

    I'm not sure how you're promoting the site but your on page SEO could really do with some work. More content, better internal navigation, more descriptive titles etc

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    I think you need to show what you do, maybe get a youtube video up and then put it on your site, its not as hard as you might think if you have a good smartphone.

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