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    Default Displaying Stock Levels

    Sorry guys - here's today's rediculous request!

    I'm a big fan of displaying actual stock levels. Think it gives customers real confidence.

    The problem is it also provides a big security risk. If we are displaying on our site exactly what we have inside our building we have an issue, and my insurance guy is getting a little frail so need to keep his blood pressure down.

    Anyone know if a little script could limit the stock levels. So if stock level is greater than 50 then display 50+, else display actual level.

    The out of stock can be managed with the standard low stock thresholds.



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    Although we don't actually display stock levels, if we have a large amount of one product, we don't assign the whole stock to the website in one go. Our true stock check is done separately through our accounting software.
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    Hi Lloyd,

    Should be quite easy to write a script to do this assuming Rich allows us access to the product quantity variable. This code would go into the product detail page within the custom html tab in your default template.

    If you are NOT using the low stock field for your products then set all your products to have a low stock threshold of 50. In site-->configuration-->product set quantity in stock description to phrase only. Then in your language manager change in stock to say in stock 50+ and the low stock to say in stock less 50

    I know the the above is not exactly what you are after but maybe a comprise unless Rich can confirm the variable for the product quantity field.


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