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    Looking at it closely, I now think that the new privacy laws in Europe are not designed to protect consumers. They are designed to protect large business.

    Large companies do not want to sell your data, they just want to use it. They will simply state on their sites that they will use it for marketing purposes - and you will have the option to take it or leave it - and without taking it, you will not be granted the service or product you wanted.

    Just look at this: When consent is given for us to keep personal data, we now must record who consented, when they consented, how they consented, and what they consented to. That is clearly designed to protect the business - it is an Out Of Jail card - "We have the proof that you said yes..."

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    Actually quite the reverse, Companies regularly, buy / lease data to target similar profiles to their existing customers, Assuming you want the service or info you will sign up,

    However, You the consumer also have the right to know, how and when the data was gathered, what is held , where it is held, and the right to have it ALL removed, unless you had a transaction that requires certain data to be retained for legal reasons (Tax etc), and the other details i.e phone email etc has to be removed if thats what you request.

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