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    I recently registered with Quickbooks and sync'd up the BluePark orders successfully ...

    The website takes payments from PayPal & Stripe, plus the Company does a lot of offline sales using iZettle Card Payment System.

    Does anyone do anything similar and can point me in the right direction for sync'ing up these different payment methods in Quickbooks ...Did you have to use an Accountant as it's too convoluted ? Is Quickbooks even the best option for this ?

    Thanks for any assistance.

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    We use Quickbooks and PayPal normally syncs with it well, our accountant set it up as initially it was bringing through the transaction amount but minus the fee and then the fee separately as an expense which was wrong. It needs to bring the full transaction amount (deposit) and in addition the fee separately (expense). It did all work fine once set up but 4 days ago Quickbooks did an update and it messed up PayPal again, the' re currently sorting it out but if you aren't getting the transactions pulling though properly it may be this reason, you can always liaise with QB they are pretty good. Luckily my accountant sorted it all for me. Good luck though, I have to say QB has been brilliant and saves me hours and hours of work.

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    Thanks Niche.

    I have the syncing set up fine. It's how to marry up the PayPal transactions with the imported BP orders that is confusing me. (plus Stripe income) ... I'm not sure what account type to give these transactions and/or how to marry them accurately etc ... Maybe I need an accountant for a few hours ....

    PS. Sorry for taking so long to reply and thank you for taking the time to answer.

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    I don't sync my BP site with QB just my banks and PayPal so not sure. Have you contacted QB as I think they are quite good and helping sort things.

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    There is a huge distincion between old Quickbooks desk top and the one they push now Quickbooks Online (QBO)(cloud base).
    We moved to QBO after using desktop for about 10 years. Have never sync'd with BP but QBO as a small business cloud based system suits us well for managing our supplier accounts, VAT and other taxes plus customer accounts.
    That said we are just starting a CRM system to sync with QBO for our service engineer diary management which is a whole new challenge for implementation.

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