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Thread: Can you highlight OBVIOUSLY fraudulent orders please???

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    Angry Can you highlight OBVIOUSLY fraudulent orders please???

    On the order screen there are little icons next to the order number which show some information on the card transaction. Like address details matched, 3d secure passed etc. There is sometimes a (tiny) orange warning triangle which usually indicates that something has not been checked, or the address isn't matched or whatever. It can pretty much always be ignored.

    But we've just been stung for 500 on an order which, if we'd have seen the card details for it in MyST, was obviously fraudulent. In the 3d secure details the 3D status was "U". When the 3D status is U then that is pretty much always a fraud. I'm never seen a U result that wasn't obviously fraudulent. Out of all the card results this is pretty much the only obvious fraud marker out of all them. It just screams fraud. Loudly. More red flags than a communist military parade.

    So why is it then when it look at the order in BP it just has a tiny orange warning triangle, and not some big glowing warning sign? And even worse, when I hover over the warning triangle to see what the warning is, it says "Address not checked, postcode not checked, security code matched". Which is fine, that happens, nothing to worry about there. But there was nothing to raise suspicions like, you know, "3D SECURE FAILED WITH A U RESULT".

    We used to look at the transactions in MyST every day to watch out for these, but since BP had these handy icons we've not been bothering because we can see the results in BP (and they're extremely infrequent). And as BP looks at the 3D secure info as well we kind of assumed that it would warn us of a negative result, not just omit it completely if it failed!

    So can BP please check for the U result and highlight it - preferably with something distinct from, and more obvious than, the "usually nothing to worry about" orange triangle.

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    We get an email with anything that may have something suspicious about it by our provider Secure Trading. Even the low risk ones which is great as we can check it. Perhaps ask your provider about this.

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    We always check the orange triangle. It seems perfectly adequate. We also do further checks on large orders

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerarda View Post
    We always check the orange triangle. It seems perfectly adequate. We also do further checks on large orders
    We did check the orange triangle, it didn't indicate any issues with the 3D secure at all. That's my point, the U result is such an obvious fraud marker it should have at least shown up on the orange triangle, but preferably a red result to indicate it's severity (given that 95%+ of orange triangles are not problems at all)

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