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    We are looking to start a second business where we can deliver nationwide for products up to say 20kg and of a standard parcel size BUT most of the products will be way to heavy and/or large to deliver other than by ourselves within a 30 mile distance for example.
    I know there are couriers that deliver huge products but the cost of the goods etc just makes this not viable.

    So how do we allow some products to be delivered nation wide by our courier and other product to be delivered just locally by ourselves.
    Of course we will put as "block" "banner" on each product page that can or can't be delivered nationally or just locally etc.


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    If I have understood correctly, I think you need to set up a different shipping method for those particular products, and then apply the product to it, using shipping code A, B etc on the actual product under (values). We had to do this for a similar reason, for example we didn't want to ship bulky items abroad. I can't remember how to do it step by step now but I think there is a BP blog on it somewhere.

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    Hi Gary,
    You could give all the 'Local Delivery Only' items their own shipping code, 'H' for heavy might be apt? You would then have to change all your other shipping methods to remove 'H' from the shipping codes list. Then setup a new shipping method called 'Local Delivery' with all codes, so the person could order the heavy items and anything else, as you don't want to lose other item sales. In the Post Codes Box I would add all the Post Codes you are prepared to deliver to and select to include them...

    So anyone with a valid Post Code with a Heavy items in their basket and or any other items will then have this option. You can then choose if there's a charge or not, either a flat charge per order or per item or via weight, so perhaps per every 50kg or 100kg etc or based on the order value?

    The other option is to just use a lot larger weight for the ski products, so if the in the postage tables the most you list to is 100kg per method, perhaps list all heavy items at 500kg and start the new 'Heavy Delivery' shipping option at 500kg and go upto whatever you need to? Will you delivery 3 heavy items to the same customer, if so you need to go uptown at least 1500.01 kg but perhaps take it to 1600.01 to allow for 100kg worst of other normal sized can do this so for each Large Item there is a charge, so maybe do 500kg to 600kg, for 1 heavy item and 100kg of extra products, then another separate shipping method, also called Heavy Delivery for 1000kg to 1100kg this will allow 2 Heavy items and 100kg of extras, then another shipping method for 1500kg to 1600.01kg for 3 have items and 100kg of extras, does this make sense, all need the box ticked so they only show up when they are the only method available... and all need the desired Post Codes in the relevant box....

    As a matter of interest so long as your have products are given an artificially large weight to never meet other method parameters, you wouldn't need to remove H as a shipping code from the other shipping methods, leave them as 'All Shipping Codes' - makes life easier...

    Once created and all turned on, this will pop up because the customer has a correct Post Code and a Heavy item in his basket, with or without any other items...and you just have UK listed, with the Post Codes...

    You can buy a digital map online which shows the Post Codes..., so you need to decide where you're prepared to deliver to and if and how much you wish to charge the customer for 1 or more items. Set up as many separate methods, all with the same name, but with their own weight parameters and each will pop up when relevant, the customer will only see them when their details match and the right type of product is selected....

    You can also make the charge for the product on the product as a shipping surcharge, but you might allow people to collect in person, so this would still charge that type of customer...

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