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Thread: Do forums still have any SEO value?

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    Question Do forums still have any SEO value?

    We're thinking of adding a forum to our website in an attempt to create a community among our customers.

    Can anyone recommend any forum software that is cheap and can be installed on our BP domain (as opposed to hosted somewhere else on a different domain)?

    Also, do forums still have any SEO benefits (lots of fresh unique and relevant content)...? Or is it so insignificant as to not be worth the bother?

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    The only forum software BP used to allow to be installed on their servers was vBulletin, which they use to run this forum. You buy the licence from vBulletin and then pay BP a fee to install it for you. However, you would need to check with BP first to see if they still offer this service. The only BP site running a forum I knew ceased trading a long time ago.

    In terms of SEO who knows as there is so much conflicting advice out there. Could be useful for your customers to discuss things but moderating it could be a real pain in the backside and spammers love forums as well so it would need locking down tight but then that might put off potential / existing customers from contributing.

    Personally I think its too much work for very little reward in terms of SEO and the money could be spent better elsewhere.


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    People prefer facebook groups to forums these days.


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    Unfortunately, we do not allow any third-party software, including forums, to be install on our servers now.
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