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Thread: Email from PayPal,

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    Default Email from PayPal,

    Had this email do we need to anything?

    INFORMATIONAL: Avoid connection errors - validate PayPal IP addresses
    Related To: REST APIs, Express Checkout APIs, Button Manager APIs, Permission APIs, Adaptive APIs, Invoicing APIs, Credit Card APIs and Mass Payment APIs
    Initial Notification : The information included in this bulletin is technical in nature and should be reviewed by your in-house web programmer/system administrator.

    For API processing, please ensure you are allowing access to ALL of the IPs listed here, not only the IPs currently returned by Domain Name Service (DNS). If your integration does not reference ALL of the IPs listed, you may start experiencing connection errors in the near future. PayPal recommends that you use DNS results, with short Time To Live (TTL) values, to determine the IP addresses of our servers.

    To avoid connection errors, check your systems to ensure you are only using the IP addresses listed here.

    May 17, 20:30 UTC
    Reference ID: PP-LIVE-8793 (click to see full details)
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    Did you email it to BP direct? Might be a good idea.

    Thanks for notifying us.

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