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    I've never quite worked out how to deal with those few orders where we need to send the goods out with an invoice, so the customer can pay us later by cheque.

    If I go into the order manager and click "Completed" (when the order is posted), then Bluepark insists on changing the payment status to "Paid" - but this is not true (yet).

    However, I have set up a new status called "Shipped and Invoiced", but if I change the status to that, the "reserved" quantities are not subtracted from the physical stock available, and they stay reserved forever, unless I manually go back later and edit stock levels.

    I'm wondering what other people do for this? It seems such a common requirement - i.e. the ability to mark everything as shipped and completed, even though you haven't had payment in advance of processing the order?

    I think I'm missing an obvious solution!


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    We used to have cheque payment method on another of our sites, but we never sent the goods until the cheque had cleared in the bank, so never had this problem
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