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    Default Reset to default

    Hi all,

    Just starting on my journey and was having a play around whilst in trial days, however, the one thing i cannot find / figure out, is there a way to completely put site back to default / starter mode again dummy products and all, i understand the loss of trial days, but now i got my head around it, and get the nuances im ready to build, but want it clean from scratch.


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    Hi Gary,

    You can re-download a fresh copy of the template your using which will reset any style changes made as well as any code altered (such as in the 'head section' for example), but it won't reset any changes made to blocks, products or navigation as these are carried through (the idea being so you can easily change the template of your site if/when you fancy a change without disturbing anything else).

    Assuming you do want a total refresh, then drop a quick email or call to support and they'll be able to reset the site fully for you. Also if you explain that you was using the time to find your way around, then they may even reset/extend the free time trial for you so you can use it to actually start work on your site.

    Good luck with your site building!!


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    thanks for help, aye one of ht problems is that whilst i was able to remove 'most' of the content uploaded like test pics / dummy products etc, when i then went back to the default template and re-downloaded the style template i wanted it has thrown all the blocks out of alignment and positions etc, would seem a lot easier to start from complete scratch than 'hack it back'
    But thanks for quick response...



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