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Thread: Special Offer Limited to 1 Country

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    Question Special Offer Limited to 1 Country

    We're trying to set up a special offer as follows:

    Buy 4 "Hats" and receive free UK shipping on the complete order, even if it contain items other than just "Hats".

    Option 1
    Set it up as an offer. This works, but it seems we can't limit the offer to a specific region, so the "Free Shipping" appears to all.

    Option 2
    Set it up as a shipping rate. This can be set to apply to only the UK, but our standard shipping rates seem to overrule the offer. So, if someone adds something other than "hats" it reverts to our standard shipping rates.

    Am I missing something or is this not possible?


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    We have the same problem, we have a Special offer of buy 2 or more of shaped photo mounts and get free delivery, so yesterday some ones ordered 2 shaped mounts and 2 non shape mounts, so was charged for shipping

    The new update of if it's a product that has free delivery , then you can mark it 'Whole Order' if it's in the basket, but it doesn't apply if Free delivery is a discount , perhaps BP could work on this

    In the above case, the customer rang us about it, I had to apologise to her and told her to order and pay and I would refund the delivery charge , not ideal
    "Just because you seen it on the internet, does not make it true or right" -Abraham Lincoln Photo mounts, Heart Shaped Mounts, and many other Shaped Photo Mounts

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