Im trying to get my BP shop integrated with Ebay shop, so i have followed the (VERY VERY ) out of date instructions as much as i can.

But, im hitting a brick wall,
So this is what ive done.

Got my ebay user token and created the link, I have them set up,

Then trying as best as i can to follow the BP side, it didn't go so smooth, first even the first line

"Navigate to the Catalogue menu and select the Channel Manager"

This is wrong, eventually find it means under marketing (well i hope it is) So as best as i can i follow the rest of the instruction and by hook or by crook i have 850 products in my ebay sales channel

So thinking thats the hard bit done, i then thought ok so how do i specify which ones to list / or create listings but this is where i got stuck, there is no way i can see that can visibly add them to ebay.

So i go into my product editor and then under channel i tick the "Select all channel and create/update from the drop down" I then on any random product i change the category to the one i want on ebay.

When i think click save to multi channel i get "payment policy is required | 1010502" , what does this even mean, as on my sales channel i have left it blank to pick up the default ebay payment policy, and im cautious of choosing one of the drop down from this as i have no idea what they mean and no literature about any of the options.

Then finally in middle of hte sales channel i have a big message "CHANNEL ACTIONS: To create, update or delete a remote product on any channel, you must publish manually"

What??? if i wanted to publish manually then what is the point of the integration, but the BP 'how to guide' talks about exporting to CSV, but then again there is no option to export to ebay CSV (maybe its me but i was expecting a pre-formatted to Ebay headers like the google one)

Can someone please tell me what im missing, or have i to list EVERY item myself manually on ebay and only then when it syncs does this module come into action???

For those who have used an opencart solution, i imagined it be like OpenBay but seemingly this isn't that??

Any help or point me in the direction of a guide that is even close to being upto date with the back office would be helpful.