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    I've just purchased something for myself, from a non-BP website, and I noticed in the confirmation email they had a "You may also like" section under the main part of the email, along with a picture, title, price and "buy now" button.

    Given that BP already has a "Customers also bought" (which seems to give pretty good suggestions) facility on the website, I was wondering if it was possible to add that to the confirmation email with "buy now" buttons?

    I'm not sure how effective that would be - I guess on the one hand they're obviously in a buying mood and like your products, on the other hand they probably don't want to have to go all through the order process again and would have probably added the extra items the first time if they were that interested. But I guess it couldn't do any harm?

    Maybe as well as a "buy now" button we could have an "add to wishlist" button? That may be more effective? "oh that looks cool... but I can't afford it now... but hey, I could add it to my wish list so I'd remember to buy it next time"...

    Also, how do wishlists work? Do you get a reminder email every once in a while to say, "oh hey, don't forget you wanted to buy this item"? Does it remind you when you log in ("oh hey, don't forget this item you added to your wishlist last time you were here - click here to add to basket")?

    Given the cost and effort of getting people to our websites, it seems the best way forward is increasing the conversion rate and increasing the basket size, but it seems like BP may be falling behind on some of its competitors in that area?

    Also, typing this just gave me the idea of adding the "customers also bought" block to the basket page - that seems like a really obvious place to put it - but it doesn't work...? I added it to the centre block of the basket template and nothing appears on the basket page - what's up with that?

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    I would say you don't want any distractions after they have or are about to purchase!! Nothing more annoying than people changing their order after the transaction has gone through, in my view.

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