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Thread: PayPal Payments Pro Test Mode to Live Mode

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    Default PayPal Payments Pro Test Mode to Live Mode


    I'm trying to upgrade our site to use PayPal Payments Pro. We've been using PayPal standard for a couple of years and it's all been fine but we get a few grumbles about being forced to use PayPal occasionally and I want to be able to take credit cards directly on the site. I know it still goes through PayPal but it stays on the site which I hope will reassure people.

    I've followed the configuration instructions OK and put all our details in etc and it works fine in 'Test' mode. If I put it into Live mode, it crashes in the basket.

    The configuration instructions say " Initially, you will need to use Test mode before PayPal approves your account to go Live." That's fine but how do I get PayPal to approve my account to go live? Do I need to ask PayPal, is there something I need to fill in on the Bluepark site or the PayPal site to make it happen?

    Does anyone know if I have to sign up for the "Website Payments Pro Account" with PayPal at 20 per month to make this happen.

    On the PayPal site there is quite a lot about REST api's and I'm not sure if I need to be filling anything out there.

    Finally, and really most importantly, if I leave the site in 'Test' mode while I work this out, will I still be able to take payments from customers. My test purchases are showing up as good in Bluepark but not showing up in PayPal or out of my bank account. I'm doing this on a Sunday so that might explain the bank but I would have thought PayPal transactions should show up on the PayPal site.



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    In answer to the important question of what happens if a real customer places an order while you are in test mode, the payment looks completly correct in the Bluepark system but the customer is NOT charged, and the money will never appear in PayPal. They are test transactions only regardless of who places an order.

    I suggest you either need to close your site while you switch over or do it at a very quite time and risk customers placeing orders that they don't get charged for but they think they have.

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