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Thread: Anyone else been hit by the recent PayPal transaction fee changes?

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    Default Anyone else been hit by the recent PayPal transaction fee changes?

    So PayPal have changed their fee structure and I have gone from 2.4% + 20p per transaction to 2.9% + 30p per transaction. That is a massive difference.

    According to the chap on their chat line, there are no fee tiers at all now but according to the chap on the phone the next tier is 20k-75k when it goes to 1.9% + 30p.

    Anyone else been hit by this massive change?

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    I rang them regarding this, as I have one channel that the average sale is 1.99 so on the old fee system, PayPal got 0.26 off us, with the new fee structure they get 0.36, as this is on a separate PayPal account just for this low sale value channel, they suggested I change to Micro Payments which is 5% + 0.05 per transaction, so now on a 1.99 transaction the fee is 0.15 I'm better off by 11p they changed me over in about two hours

    On my other sales channels, the increase does eat into our margins, but we will have to keep an eye on it and increase the unit price to cover it, I think the hike in the transaction fee is very high, especially when you have some one that wants to cancel their order so you lose out on 30p rather than 20p. Another expensive situation is on eBay , the other week I had a customer buy 11 items, all by clicking BUY IT NOW button rather than ADD TO BASKET button, so that was 2.00 in transactions fee extra I was charged , so if that had been the new fee structure it would have been 3.00 in transaction fees
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    Would Braintree be a good option to at least bring down the card payments? You will still get hit on PayPal though

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    PayPal are trying to get me to use them for card payments. They have been calling me non-stop about it. I'm reluctant to move from SagePay but this PayPal price hike is now in their favour as I can only do 20k through PayPal if I use them for card payments too... which is probably why this new threshold limit of 20k has been implemented by them.

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