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    I've been trying to add our blog to mobile but after a good 2 hours of trying, haven't been able to find a way. I'm sure it's simple! Our categories are on the mobile drop down, followed by the pages in the page manager. But whereas I'm able to add the blog for desktop using the navigation manager, I can't see how to do it for mobile. I'd be very grateful to have this mystery solved!



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    By default the 'Recent Posts' block is assigned to the right block - remove/unassign this block from the right block and you will now have the option to add it to the centre block. Once assigned It should now appear on the mobile template also.

    This is the easy way to do it although there is another way that gives you more control by navigating through 'Page Layouts' to the 'Layout Editor' and under the 'Properties' tab ticking 'Define alternative mobile blocks' and then click save. This will now add a 'Mobile Blocks' tab that you can go into and assign blocks for the mobile template independently to the desktop site.

    Hope this helps,


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    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your reply yesterday. I'm still confused after another couple of hours trying to work it out!

    I may be wrong with this, but it seemed the help you gave was so that I'd be able to position the 'Latest News' block (I think it's 'Latest News' as, in the 'Contents Blocks', next to 'Latest News', for 'type', it says 'Recent Blog Posts') on to the homepage for mobile. Is that correct? If it is, that wasn't what I was wanting. What I'd like is to have a link to my blog from the drop-down navigation that's at the top of the screen on mobile (the drop-down that acts as the navigation bar for mobile). I think I did what you were suggesting but 'Blog' didn't appear in the drop-down menu.

    Kind regards,


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    just in case this helps anyone, it turns out I had to create a new page in page manager, which i could title 'Blog'. Then I have the url as: blog and then have the Redirect (URL) as: blog/

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