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Thread: Any Stripe Users ?

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    Default Any Stripe Users ?

    Just wondering if there are any fellow Blueparkers using Stripe, we are considering switching from Paypal Website Payments Pro to Stripe, all looks good but curious of others experiences.

    They seem to be very active in preventing fraudulent transactions which is our main reason for switching, if anyone else is using the Stripe Radar or Radar for teams I been keen on any feedback.

    The major downside looks as though it could be Blueparks integration, while it does integrate to the basic payment it doesn't send information relating to the products on the order, if this information was sent you could set custom verification rules based on the actual item - ideal if you have certain products that are more prone to fraud. As it stands with the Radar for Teams package we can set rules on how it approves transactions , what needs to match or if over a certain value everything has to match, you can also apply these rules for when to apply 3D secure settings.

    I tried to speak with Braintree but seems to be virtually impossible to get through to anyone in there sales department and several emails have went unanswered so not inspiring confidence.


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    We moved to Stripe just over a year ago from SagePay/First Data. No problems at all. All gone smoothly and the few questions we had when setting up were answered quickly. Takes 7 days for revenue to reach bank account which might not suit everybody. Good dashboard. Has horrendous reviews on Trustpilot, but not sure why. Maybe those complaining run 'dodgy' businesses.

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    Used Stripe for over a year now. Not had a single problem with them.

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