On the order screen there is a filer on the left ("Order status: all" by default). It also has options for Order Status: [Completed|pending|cancelled].

Can we have a new option for status "unpicked"?

Currently the order list is 50 lines long, so in the morning we have a bunch of new (unpicked) orders in the list. We then have to tick each unpicked order manually so we can select "Pick All". If there are say 5-10 that's not so bad (or if there are 40+ that's no so bad either as we can select all then unselect the 10 or so pending ones) - but if there's around 20-30 then that means we have to sit there clicking them all manually.


That's a lot of clicking. And we have a several websites all with a list of new orders that need clicking.

So it would be easier if there was a way to just select all unpicked orders, or only display unclicked orders so we can press the select all button. Adding a new option to the filter seems the easiest and most obvious, and it's just a "hidden" options that doesn't affect anyone else as the screen stays the same.