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Thread: Back In Stock notifications with minimal stock

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    Default Back In Stock notifications with minimal stock

    We often have problems getting stock of certain items, and even when the distributor does get stock there may not be enough for everyone so the stock gets "allocated", so everyone gets a fraction of what they ordered.

    This has led to several occasions lately, where we have received a small number of items in stock, added them to the website, and then more notifications have been sent out than we have new stock!

    So a bunch of customers are going to come to the site to order the item they've been waiting for, and have just been told is back in stock, just to find that we're still out of stock. Further more, presumably now that the back in stock email has been triggered, it won't be triggered again the next time that we have stock.

    I can't really think of a solution to suggest for this. So I guess the only option is to change the text of the email to explain the potential situation and that if there are none in stock then all the new stock is sold out, and they need to re-request the notification.

    It would be easier if we could put that renotification link in the email, so is there a way we can create this link in the email using their specific email address?

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    Happens to me occasionally too - different reason for not having enough but the end result is the same!

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    Just noticed another problem with these,

    With pre-orders we generally set them to have a certain amount of stock. This allows people to buy the items on pre-order. BUt we generally make the quantity less than the amount we have on order in case the distributor does not have enough and we only receive a % of what we ordered.

    So when we find out how many we're going to get from the distributor we update the qty to the actual amount due in.

    We've just done that on a pre-order item that had "sold out" based on the initial qty we put in, but when we updated it to the actual qty it said it sent a bunch of notifications.

    So now a bunch of people have just received emails saying the item it now in stock and available. Which is going to be confusing as the item is not yet available because it's a pre-order...

    surely any notifications shouldn't be sent until the item is released?

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    I use preorders and am quite happy with the way the notifications work.

    May you just need to change the wording of the email, to say now available to order, rather than in stock.


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    Thanks, that seems like the most sensible solution, though the email is getting a bit wordy now...

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