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Thread: Click and Drop - can someone help?

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    Default Click and Drop - can someone help?


    Can someone help? I appreciate its been covered before but feeling daunted about moving to Click and Drop.

    90% of our orders are large letter but there are some that go as small parcel but not necessarliy as specific item, it maybe if they add multiple items. How do I set it parcel or do I go in to Click and Drop afterwards and manually change the orders?

    Also we currently print the despatch note with the address and PPI on it with a label - do you need to print the addresses seperately and match them up to the despatch note?

    I am keen to move over but just not sure how it works.

    Many thanks


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    Ours items range from Large Letter to Package (in Click & Drop, no Small or Medium Parcle) I wrap all the orders, then weight them and make a note on the invoice, when ready I go on Click and Drop, and all the orders are imported and I just work my way through them all entering the weight and package size (Large Letter or Parcel) and print the label on out thermal printer (Labels free from Royal Mail) then stick them on the package, I'm such a small business compared to most of you, so it works fine for me
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    Hi Toby, I'm in the same position now as you were a couple of months ago! Did you ever find enough information to make the leap?

    I registered for C & D months ago and I've filled in loads of details, watched little videos etc, but I am still completely in the dark about how it all fits together! There are so many ifs and maybes that I don't even know were to start! I've spent half a day on this, thinking 'it'll all click inn a minute' but i still don't understand even half of it. I don't even know whether to go for the 6x4 printer and labels or stick with A4, whether I would still print the normal invoices in the Bluepark system like I do when posting via OBA, I just can't see how the systems join together.

    I'm posting upwards of 100 orders a day of varying sizes and weights and sending internationally too, so the process of changing over to a completely new system while still getting orders out, is the stuff of nightmares haha! And worryingly, it seems like this whole C & D thing will make my posting procedure far more time consuming and complicated than it is currently when using PPI through an OBA account!

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