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Thread: Lost Paypal express checkout...?

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    Default Lost Paypal express checkout...?

    I had our newish website setup as sagepay (primary) and paypal express checkout (secondary).

    I wanted to change sage pay to securetrading. But bizarrely on the integrations>paymentoptions/properties page there was no box to select the primary method. which is weird - how am I supposed to change it???

    So I disabled paypal. bingo, now it let me change the primary processor to securetrading. great that works.

    But now I try to re-enable paypal. it enables but gives me some message about not being set up. so it opens a pop-up, guides me through some settings in paypal, then dumps me back in BP. except now it doesn't appear to be paypal express checkout and that option doesn't seem to be enabled.

    So... what happened? why can't I choose paypal express any more?

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    I could be completely wrong but you may have been put onto this which was a recent BP update, check with them though as I could be barking up the wrong tree!

    Introducing the New PayPal Commerce Platform
    We are pleased to announce the launch of the new PayPal Commerce Platform, now fully integrated and available to all Bluepark customers.
    We have worked closely with PayPal to produce one of the most detailed integrations we have ever built for a payment processor, and this will be the default payment option for new customers.
    The PayPal Commerce Platform can be used either as the primary payment processor, or as a secondary payment processor. For new customers, the previous PayPal integrations (Standard, Express and Pro) are being retired.
    There are several reasons to consider upgrading from your existing PayPal integration. Firstly, when used as the primary payment processor, this integration supports the entry of credit and debit card information directly on your payment page, but in a way that is completely PCI compliant (SAQ-A). The implementation of 3D Secure is fully PSD2 compliant.
    In addition, the PayPal payment option, available on both the shopping basket and payment pages, uses lightbox technology, ensuring that your customers never leave your site.
    This integration dispenses with the old IPN payment confirmation method, delivering a tighter, ultra-reliable payment solution for yourself and your customers. It supports both instant and deferred payments, along with refunds via the Bluepark Admin Panel, plus webhooks which will update a payment's status automatically.
    For PayPal Payments Pro users interested in switching, there is NO MONTHLY FEE for the PayPal Commerce Platform (currently 20 for Pro) and in most cases lower fees (starting at 1.2% + 0.30).
    To find out more about the brand new PayPal Commerce Platform, please follow the link below:
    The PayPal Commerce Platform is available to use now via Integrations: Payment Options, simply select it from the menu and click the Connect with PayPal button to get started.

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    Yes, thanks, that looks like it. Express is being retired for existing accounts, so I guess when I switched it off and on again it switched me over...

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    Yes, same happened to me. I switched my PayPal off for a few week and when I switched it on again it was all different.

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    Seems to work pretty much the same, so no biggie...

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