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Thread: Emails going to spam on Gmail and Hotmail

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    Quote Originally Posted by LMN118 View Post
    It may be a good thing, although we've not had an issue with it, however, you should have notified your customers before making the change to give us a chance to change it. Pushing a notification after the fact is irrelevant as your customers may not have had a chance to see it.

    That is very unprofessional, if you are making a change that affects your customers business notify them, give them the chance to make the change and then push the update. That is basic common sense let alone good business practice.
    I'm sorry, we found ourselves in a situation where an entire server was blocked, and every single email that went out from an affected email address was keeping the server blocked. Urgent action was required, for the good of every customer on that server - it couldn't wait.

    The Latest Update went live a few hours PRIOR to the change going live, and it would have been presented to you before you processed any orders.

    On reflection, I still maintain that we took the right course of action under the circumstances.
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    We've just had a query about emails not coming through from an order on the 20th. Is this resolved?

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    wow, totally missed all these replies...

    ok, so I've just read all of the admin page notifications... so if we use the BP email in the settings:website setting, and we aren't using our own smtp server or anything like that then is there anything we need to do? or anything that has changed? Because we were set up like that before and hotmail/gmail was still junk mailing us...

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    Quote Originally Posted by martinobi View Post
    Also the link below is great for testing how your emails look spam-wise:
    I sent an email to here and the only complaint it had was that I didn't have a DMARK record...? But it still gave me 10/10 even though gmail and hotmail keeping chucking our stuff in spam!

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