Righto, I've been playing with the recurring payment feature in product-editor>values page.

Specificaly I have calculated a price for my products (vending machines) based on 36 equal monthly payments needing to be made by my customers.

Product page recognises this and swiches the pricing declaration from "Our Price" to "Price (Monthly)"

Problem #1: Nothing tells the customer the number of payments they will be commiting to.

Request #1: Could the number of payments be added to price label so it reads something like "Price (36xMonthly)" £xx.xx" or "36 Monthly Payments of: £xx.xx"?

Next up ...

I use a lot of additions. Those were all calculated to be paid over 36 monthly payments also.

Found yesterday in Settings>Products>Selectable Product Options and Availability> that additions to a recurring payment primary product can be set to be one off payments.

Problem #2: Check out process raises first invoice for 1 x recurring payment + one off cost of all additions selected. Nothing makes it clear that all further billings will be for the recurring amount only.

Request #2: Could the checkout process, and invoice raised, under such circumstances make it clear which elements are one off's and which element will be their regular monthly billing?