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Thread: Invoice printing glitch

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    Default Invoice printing glitch

    HI, over the last week or two I've started having a problem printing invoices. The first 2 in each batch are fine but then it's printing our logo/address on one sheet of paper and then the content on another sheet of paper wasting loads of paper in the process as well as making me look an idiot to customers! I haven't changed anything this end but can't work out where the problem is - Windows 10, HP Laserjet or BP?

    Anyone else seen this?

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    Windows 10 released it's bi-annual major update on the 27th last month which unfortunately also came with the usual numerous issues many experience with their updates, so as your problem seemed to also coincide around this time I would hazard a guess that this could be the culprit.

    It seems though that HP are aware of the issues with regard to the latest Windows 10 update as they have released a tool to download to try and resolve them:

    Give that a go first, but if you still have the issue then I would uninstall the current driver*, restart your computer and then download & install the latest driver from the HP website:

    (*Go to the Windows search bar on the bottom left and start to type in: apps & features until you see it displayed at the top of the menu - now scroll down the list until you find your printer, click on it and then click on uninstall)

    Let us know how it goes,


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