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    Default Handmade Theme: Category Page Layout

    We're migrating to the Handmade theme, but there's one thing I just can't figure out how to change:

    On the category pages the product images are shown and when you hover over the image the name, price, etc appears.


    Rather than having this effect we'd like the info to appear under the product image by default. It looks to be an overlay that is reactive to the screen size: when viewed on mobile the product image appears under the image just s we'd like.

    Any pointers?


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    This template uses media queries to alter the layout once the screen falls below a certain width. It would appear that the desired result your after happens when the screen falls below 1000px wide, so in order to make this also happen above this width you need to adjust the code in the main CSS.

    To do this, go into the 'Template Editor>', 'Pages>' and scroll down until you see 'Additional CSS' - now within this scroll down until you see: /* Product List Cells */

    Now scroll down again past all the code within this section and at the end cut & paste in the following code:

    .prd-list-overlay {position: relative;}
    .prd-list-info {opacity: 1; top: 0; left: 0; transform: translate(0%, 0%); margin-top: 15px;}
    (To double-check you've pasted this in the correct place, you should now see /* Product Page */ directly beneath the code you've just added)

    That should now make it display the way you wish,


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    I'm almost angry You have no idea how long I've been farting about with the CSS in that section trying to get that to work

    Thanks for the help Mikey. Spot on.

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