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    So, with our shop closed and now being entirely mail order, I'd like to set up a sort of live display for the office. I'm imagining a screen that can display live data from BP: how many orders pending, daily sales total, number of visitors, etc.

    Now I know I can just have a monitor displaying the BP webpage, but ideally I'd like to be able to pull that data and display just the relevant bits and in a layout of my choosing. I'm thinking a Raspi running software similar to the magic mirror, but for our BP data.

    Basically, I want a stupid project to do in the evenings and looking for inspiration. Any thoughts?

    Cheers, T

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    I was looking at something sort of similar a while back, more around product sales etc.

    I was pulling the data into a Google Sheets spreadsheet and then firing it into Google Data Studio. This was then going to placed on a 10" tablet with an auto refresh.

    It fell off the to do list just after the lockdown but one I need to pickup again. Not as complex (or a good looking) as a magic mirror but on the same train of thought.

    Loxta Hardware

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    Well I've just discovered Google Data Studio!

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