Hello All,

We make and sell roller blinds and are looking for an easy way for customers to price-up their requirement based on size (width and depth).

At the moment our product pages use drop down menus based on width, and the customer chooses the nearest size to what they require. They then manually enter their details into a text box to give us the precise sizing. This is far from ideal and people of course sometimes get confused and choose the wrong drop-down menu size or forget to give us their exact requirements.

Iím looking for a price calculator that would sit on each product page, allowing the customer to enter their desired width and a depth to get the price. Itís a bit like the mortgage calculators you see everywhere.

Iíve played around with a few third party offerings, but most are designed to work with Wordpress. All rely on their server being up of course, as the calculator gets served from their end Ö which in itself is a problem waiting to happen, but we may have to live with that. I don't have the coding knowledge to design one that resides within our BP website.

The best one I have found so far is Calconic. They offer various options for embedding (Standard/Lightbox and iFrame), and the only one I can get to work is an iFrame method which we donít want to use.

So Ö I would be really interested to learn if anyone has successfully integrated such a calculator into their site, or if there are any developers/coders out there who might be able to assist.

I have an example set-up here: https://www.calconic.com/calculator-...e?layouts=true

Thank you