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Thread: Worldpay - any good?

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    Question Worldpay - any good?

    We've been using SecureTrading ("Trustpayments") for years across all of our websites, but at the moment they're being unreliable and unTrustworthy.

    We're looking at alternatives, specifically Worldpay. Does anyone use them? Are they any good? How well does their system integrate with BP?

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    Hello DarkStar,

    In a nutshell, we found Worldpay very good and we were with them for around eight years. However, our turnover wasn't high enough to justify paying the (approx.) 19 a month account fee as it then was. The effect of this fee was to turn a base card rate of, say, 0.79% for most cards to a reality of nearer 4% when tracked over a 12-month period.

    Also, we found it very difficult to understand a fee structure where rates would change if payment was made with a corporate card or from certain countries, i.e. higher risk purchases. Probably the most galling though was the extra transaction charge for being an online only business! Whether any of these 'extras' still apply would be something worth investigating.

    On a positive note, their customer service was first class and we received customer's payments from them quickly. The ability to take preorders months in advance and claim the payment when the purchase was made was a big bonus. We certainly miss this feature with our current payment provider, Stripe.

    Stripe suits our business model as we know exactly where we stand when it comes to transaction fees and no monthly account maintenance payments!

    So, as you see pros and cons and a lot will depend on your business model.

    Hope the above helps,

    MSE Books

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    I have no direct knowledge of Worldpay, but have the impression that it's more of a 'legacy' payment processor, i.e. charges a monthly fee, has varying charges for different cards, long contract periods, etc. Newer companies have entered the market and they tend to have low rates and no monthly fees (we use Stripe and have found them excellent).

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    ok thanks, we'll take a look.

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    I've used Stripe for several years - no joining fee - no monthly minimum, no maintenance. Works for on-line or MOTO via create order interface in BP back office. Includes Amex. Transactions made on your site - no jumping off to payment service provider. Looks more professional.

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    We use Worldpay and have very low rates. I think it depends on what deal you work with them. We pay 10 per month plus 0.945 for debit cards and 1.76 for credit.

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    It's always worth phoning them and trying to renegotiate your deal.

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