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Thread: New PayPal regulations email

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    Default New PayPal regulations email

    Anyone using PayPal had this email, doesn't give much time to set it up, have we got to do anything

    New regulation will impact your online sales. Upgrade your online checkout now.

    The Second Payment Services Directive or PSD2 as implemented in European and UK law requires all in-scope merchants to enable 3D Secure (3DS) in their checkout to ensure they can continue to process card payments.

    Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) was enforced in Europe from 31 December 2020, and will be ramping up in the UK from 01 June 2021.
    All UK transactions will be fully subject to SCA from 14 March 2022.

    From 01 June 2021 card issuers may require 3DS 2.0 on card transactions to allow them to authenticate their cardholders and without this you may start seeing payments decline.

    In order to ensure that your business is not disrupted as a result of these changes please make sure you have enabled EMV 3DS 2.0.

    If you have already enabled 3DS then you are ready.

    If you have NOT enabled 3DS please do so by directly using the PayPal developer documents here.
    Alternatively if you're onboarded through a Platform Partner please upgrade via your partner's platform.

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    There was a BP update yesterday about PayPal

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    Thanks for that, saw it aswell, after I started the thread, but thanks for the reply...

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