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Thread: Brexit - Lost Business

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    Default Brexit - Lost Business

    Just had this from a customer, just about sums it up!!

    "Good evening,

    I've been a happy customer so far but complications experienced with imports to France from the UK lead me to now unsubscribe as customs duty heavily reduce the competitivity of British exporters.

    Please let me know if you open a subsidiary in the EU.

    Best wishes."

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    According to the Brexiteers, that's all the fault of the evil EU "punishing" us for wanting "independence".

    It's a shame that so many people have no idea the damage brexit has done and continues to do to small businesses and the economy as a whole.

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    Yes Brexit is, unsurprisingly, a diaster. There are solutions like Taxamo that I think would really help, but awaiting Bluepark to sort out an integration for that

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    Has anyone started using Taxamo yet?

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    Taxamo would be a good solution for us with only a few orders a week to Europe and nearly all under 150 euros. I've spoken to Taxamo who sent me the integration specs. I don't know how hard they would be to make work with Bluepark but I would be interested in co-sponsoring the integration development if that was something that could be done. Perhaps if there was several of us and we all paid for some development time we could get the integration built.

    Let me know if you would be interested and if I get a few responses I'll approach Bluepark and see what they say.

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