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Thread: Does this sound OK

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    Default Does this sound OK

    We have received the following email and was wondering what others would do. Do you think it's something we should cooperate with?

    "I represent ?????????? who currently manage the Google ads for our client: ??????????????

    The director at ????????????? has noticed that your website ?????????????????? is showing for search query results under his brand name. I am kindly asking if it would be possible for you to add: "???????????????????????" as a negative keyword in your Google ads account and in return I will add: "??????????????????" as negative keywords in our accounts.

    I understand that this situation is because Google keyword terms sometimes creates some unwanted/irrelevant matches and hope we can reach a suitable solution rather than create an unnecessary high cost auction over brand bidding."

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    I would just ignore it.

    It is not your fault that Google bring up your products when people search for his.

    Plus you only have his word that they would add your site as a negative keyword.

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    I agree with Cheesemouse if it's not causing you any unncessary spend

    If it's not relevant then Google will most likely learn this itself

    Loxta Hardware

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    Thanks for the replies, that's pretty much what I thought but it's nice to get a second opinion


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