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    This feels like a sad post to make, I've moved away from Bluepark, but I want to say a huge thank you to the team and I feel that should be public.
    Bluepark has been instrumental in our company growth from day 1 in 2008 to today when we employ several people.
    Back in 2008 I used a template and made the site myself, every spent had to be a careful decision and BP provided a cost effective solution. Our site went through several versions, latter ones where I paid developers as company growth allowed spending.
    The support from BP has been top notch, especially in the early couple of years when I needed it most. The system has worked well for us over 14 years.
    We now use a Wordpress site, we have changed because we don't sell on line any more but are now a local service based company and job management for service engineers is what matters more so instead of product feeds and shipping costs I concern myself with fixing things for customers.
    So thank you BP team, your system has helped build a successful UK company and I wish you all well.

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    Sorry to see another one of us golden oldies disappearing from the BP platform after so many years.

    All the best for the future.


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