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Thread: Bulk adding related products

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    Default Bulk adding related products

    I just added a list of related products on the product page. I didn't select them from the list, I just pasted a comma separated list of SKU's into the box and pressed the assign button.

    THe problem is that for whatever reason it has added the list in reverse cost order, which is just weird. I want it in the order I listed them in (part number order).

    Is there a setting somewhere that will fix this?

    I don't want to have to import them (and possibly still get the same problem?) so how do I do this? Also, there's like 20 related products and multiple products so please don't suggest just reordering them with the arrows...

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    You can do this via csv import if you are happy and confident to do so.

    Simple csv file required with two columns being SKU (Column A) & Related Products (Column B).

    As an example using productb, productc & productd as the related products make sure you format Column B as follow:


    The brackets { } will ensure when imported it will retain the related products in the order as shown in the file.

    The asterix * denotes the products are addable.

    As always do a FULL backup of the product database before attempting any import.

    Hope this helps.


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