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    Default Who is the following...

    Can anyone tell me who the following is from my logs... they are based in the usa.

    I guess it might be something to do with amazon, but have done a search and can't find anything.

    They visit about 3 / 4 times a day , add about 6 or 7 items to the basket and go.

    been going on for about 2 weeks now.



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    You may already have this info but the tel #'s are there - phone them

    Legal Department Inc.
    PO BOX 81226
    Seattle WA 98108-1226
    US +1.2062664064 Fax: +1.2062667010

    Domain Name:

    Registrar Name:
    Registrar Whois:
    Registrar Homepage:

    Administrative Contact:
    Legal Department Inc.
    PO BOX 81226
    Seattle WA 98108-1226
    US +1.2062664064 Fax: +1.2062667010
    Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
    Abuse, Amazon Webservices Inc.
    P.O. Box 81226
    Seattle Washington 98108
    US +1.2062664064 Fax: +1.2062667010

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