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Bluepark Help System: FAQ


Where do I start?

You are viewing the Admin Console of the Bluepark CMS (Content Management System).

First, have a read of the opening page of the Help System, click on the blue Information ( i ) button in the top right corner of this page. This will familiarise you with some of the terminology used throughout the system, particularly relating to the structure of the site and the organisation of the site content.

The Help System on Bluepark is fully interactive, meaning that clicking on the red Help ( ? ) button at any time will provide you with information relating directly to the section you're currently working in.

Your next destination should be the Configuration section, accessible via the Site menu. Work your way through each tab, personalising the system to your requirements and familiarising yourself with some of the site options. Don't expect to configure every option at once, some you will return to as your understanding of the system improves.

Visit the Admin Manager via the Users menu. You will see your own Admin user account, the one you used to access the system. You can change your password and personalise this account so that it best represents your needs, as well as creating additional Admin accounts for other Admin users.

What is EasyEdit and how can it help me?

In short, EasyEdit is the quickest and easiest way to edit your site content.

While viewing any page of the Admin Console, click on the white View Site link on the right-hand side of the dark blue header bar. Launching your site from the Admin Console will generate a blue EasyEdit bar which will be displayed at the top of the page, and will tell you which Template, Layout, Columns and Blocks are in use on the page you're viewing.

For each Block visible on the page, there is either a yellow or green pencil icon which, when clicked, will present you will various options to quickly and easily edit your page content. Yellow icons are used for standard Blocks, the green icon represents the main focus of the page - which might be a category, product, blog post or standard information page.

EasyEdit enables you to edit site content without having to switch back to the Admin Console and find the relevant section, saving you time and getting you instantly to where you want to go. It provides an alternative way to edit your site.

How do I change the look of my site?

All design aspects of the site, including images, fonts and colours, are 100% customisable via the Template Manager in the Site menu. There are a number of "stock" Templates installed, none of which are editable without first making a copy. Create a duplicate of the Template which best represents the design you'd like to achieve, then toggle the icon to the left of the Template name to set the Template as the Default.

How do I change the logo at the top of my site?

After creating an editable copy of one of the "stock" Templates and setting it as the Default, enter the Template Editor. This is a powerful editing tool with sections of the page broken up into clearly labelled tabs. Click on the Header tab and scroll to the bottom of the page until you find the Header Content field. Click on the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) button to the left of the field to launch the editor and put in your own logo.

Alternatively, this can be done using EasyEdit when viewing the site, simply double-click on the existing logo.

Along with the Save and Preview buttons in the top right corner of the Template Editor, there is an option to browse the Template image directory via the File Manager. Every Template has its own directory. You'll find that every "stock" Template has a set of Adobe Photoshop files with the ".PSD" extension. These are layered files which will allow a transparent logo to easily be inserted into the existing design. By downloading and editing the relevant file you can generate a new logo image.

How do I change the text at the very bottom of my site?

The bottom of your site is known as the Footer. Along with the Header at the top, this content is editable via the Template Manager in the Site menu. Create an editable copy of one of the "stock" Templates and set it as the Default in order to get started.

Alternatively, this can be done using EasyEdit when viewing the site, simply double-click on the existing text.

How do I change standard words, phrases and e-mail text?

All of the language used on the site, along with system-generated e-mails, is editable via the Language Manager in the Site menu. As with Templates, a copy must be created which may then be edited. Make the customised Language the Default to see the changes on the site.

How do I integrate my site with a Payment Processor?

Bluepark sites are automatically integrated with the leading Payment Processors. Visit the Configuration section in the Site menu and select the one you'd like to use via the Payment tab. Please note that PayPal can be used in conjunction with any of the other Payment Processors as long as it is fully configured. Some Payment Processors, PayPal for example, require additional configuration via their own administration consoles. Required settings are clearly indicated on the corresponding Bluepark tab.

How do I install an SSL certificate?

We supply Thawte and GeoTrust SSL certificates, including EV (Extended Validation) certificates, which can be purchased directly from our site. An SSL certificate purchased from us will be installed automatically on your site by our system.

If you would prefer to purchase an SSL certificate from an alternative provider, this is something we would need to install manually on your behalf. Please contact us to request a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) that can be used for this purpose.

I've completed my site, how do I go "live"?

If your site is already installed on your intended domain name, simply set your Payment Processor to "live". You should have fully tested the checkout process to ensure that you're ready to launch your site.

If your site has been developed on one of our Betapark development sites, click on the "Ready to Transfer and Go Live?" link on the Home page of the Admin Console. We will transfer both your files and database, unaltered, to your intended domain name. At this point, no further changes should be made to your development site. We will confirm that this has been done, allowing you to change your domain's Name Servers or A Record to point to our service. Please note that DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to complete, although results are frequently seen within just a few hours.

If you have set up POP3 e-mail addresses, forwarding addresses, or a catch-all address on your registered domain name, these can all be recreated once your site is LIVE. This should be your first priority after gaining access.

Can I change my domain name?

We can change the domain name associated with your site, but please remember that this will affect your existing search engine rankings if you rely on these for traffic.

With regard to the new domain name, you will need to alter the Name Servers or A Record (DNS settings). Name Servers should be set as follows:

Please note that DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to complete, so it's probably best if you do this first and then come back to us to request the transfer in order to minimise downtime. You must request the transfer from us directly, simply changing the Name Servers alone will not have the desired effect.

Existing SSL certificates are non-transferrable, so if you have one of these for the old domain you will require a new one for the new domain.

Once the transfer has been completed, the old domain will no longer be hosted with us. You will need to reset the Name Servers to their default values with your domain registrar, or point the domain to another hosting provider.

Similarly, you will need to set up e-mail hosting or forwarding via an alternative provider if you need these services to continue for the old domain.

Can I transfer my site to a new owner?

If you are selling your site, please send us the full details for the new owner via e-mail. We require their full name, billing address, e-mail address and telephone number.

Once you have sent us the information for the new account, please ask the customer to contact us by telephone and provide us with their credit or debit card details so that we can replace your payment information with theirs.

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