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Integrations:  FAQ

How do I get a Facebook App ID?

In order to generate a Facebook App ID, you will need a Facebook account. Once this is established, visit the page below:

Create a new app or edit an existing one. Only the App Name is required when creating a new app. Click on Edit Settings to customise the app to function with your site. For the sake of this example, we will assume that "" is your domain name, the data you enter should reflect your OWN domain name and exclude quotes.

Set the Display Name to "", or "Your Company", or the name of your site. You can also add a square icon. These will be displayed when the user is invited to use your app.

Enter your Contact Email. Your App Domain should be "", which will authorise your site's domain name to use the app. You may enter multiple domains if you have multiple sites that will be using the app. All other form fields can be ignored.

Underneath the form fields you have completed, locate the heading "Select how your app integrates with Facebook". Click on "Log in to my website using Facebook". Enter the Site URL "".

Click on Save Changes to finish. Take note of your App ID and enter this into the field provided in Bluepark's Integrations section. This will enable users to access their Facebook personal information to populate your site's account fields, along with other optional features.

Can I offer PayPal as an additional payment method?

Yes, you can configure PayPal Commerce Platform as your secondary payment processor.

Why are PayPal transactions not completing orders?

PayPal offers a service called IPN (Instant Payment Notification) which informs your site of successful transactions. In order for this to function correctly, IPN must be configured via PayPal's admin panel. Simply edit your Profile settings to enable IPN. You must then enter the IPN URL displayed on the PayPal Payments Standard tab in Bluepark's Integrations section.

What if QuickBooks reports a problem adding the application?

When you install QuickBooks on another PC and move the company file, you may see the following error message:

Error Unique file ID required

In order to rectify this problem, please visit Intuit's site and follow the instructions given on the page below:

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