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Shipping Methods:  FAQ

What is a catch-all shipping method?

If you have two shipping methods and, for example, one can ship only shipping code A products and the other only B products, you will encounter a problem when a customer has a mixed basket containing both A and B products. Neither of these shipping methods will work, so none will be applied to the order.

A global catch-all shipping method is capable of shipping all codes. If you use the catch-all setting in the Shipping Editor and position the global method below the A and B shipping methods, it won't appear for the customer unless it's the first shipping method available in the list (such as in the case of a mixed basket).

Alternatively, you can make one of the existing A or B shipping methods capable of shipping all codes, usually the most expensive shipping method.

How can I implement Saturday delivery?

You can create a Saturday delivery option by setting the Fulfilment Days to 1, the Named Days to 7, and the Excluded Shipping Dates to:


This will give the customer a delivery date of the coming Saturday.

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