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Template Editor:  FAQ

How do I change the logo at the top of my site?

Click on the Header tab and scroll to the bottom of the page until you find the Header Content field. Click on the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) button to the left of the field to launch the editor and put in your own logo.

Alternatively, this can be done using EasyEdit when viewing the site, simply double-click on the existing logo.

Along with the Save and Preview buttons in the top right corner of the Template Editor, there is an option to browse the Template image directory via the File Manager. Every Template has its own directory. You'll find that every "stock" Template has a set of Adobe Photoshop files with the ".PSD" extension. These are layered files which will allow a transparent logo to easily be inserted into the existing design. By downloading and editing the relevant file you can generate a new logo image.

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