Khaos Control Cloud

Khaos Control Cloud

Khaos Control Cloud is a cloud-based business management system designed with small and medium businesses in mind. The all-in-one system manages your stock control, order processing, supply chain, CRM and accounting.

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Khaos Control Cloud can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, meaning you can access your business anywhere, anytime.




Khaos Control Sales


Provide your business with accurate reporting, payment processing, returns management and see all your sales activities whenever and wherever you need them.

Khaos Control Inventory

Inventory Management

Gain accurate and real-time access to your stock levels, as well as a full oversight of returns, surplus stock, sales and stock loss.

Khaos Control Customers


Record and manage every customer interaction that runs through your business, be that new leads and existing customers.

Khaos Control Warehousing


Automate stock management, whether by routine stock moves, booking goods in, picking sales orders or preparing despatches.

Khaos Control Suppliers

Supply Chain

Gain a clear insight into your supplier activity, as well as tracking performance across multiple suppliers.

Khaos Control Accounting


Our up-to-the minute financial reporting allows you to stay on top of revenue, profitability, and all other business expenses.

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