ShopTalk™ - Live Sales Assistant

All the benefits of a traditional store for your online business

We believe that running an online business should not disconnect you from your prospective customers. In a traditional retail environment, a sales assistant would pay attention to each of the customers browsing the store, the time spent browsing and whether or not they had visited before. The sales assistant may then decide to qualify the customer, asking a question such as, "How can I help you today?"

Bluepark makes it possible for you to do exactly that - to monitor the customers currently browsing your store and to consider detailed information such as the date of their first visit, the number of pages they've viewed since, the site they came from and any search terms that they used.

Having made the decision to approach the customer, you may then launch the ShopTalk window to begin a conversation, optionally sending an opening greeting as demonstrated below:

ShopTalk - Example Screenshot

Once the ShopTalk window has been opened in the Administration Console and the customer next views a page, the interface is displayed automatically. The beauty of the solution is that it does not involve a popup window, statistically proven to annoy site users. The ShopTalk interface is visible at the top of the page and remains in place while the customer continues to browse your site. The sales assistant and the customer can conduct a seamless conversation throughout the entire buying process.

It is important that customers are not inconvenienced by the feature, should they wish to browse the store without assistance. For this reason, the ShopTalk interface can be closed at any time, sending a message to the sales assistant that the conversation has been terminated.

ShopTalk can also be presented in the form of an invitation to all customers, meaning that anyone can initiate a chat session at any time, providing you are online and available to participate:

ShopTalk - Example Screenshot

This unique feature will function perfectly on all of the major browsers, and is unaffected by users' firewall and network configurations. There is absolutely no software to install, just instant communication.

ShopTalk is available only with the Business and Enterprise Park packages.

Who they are and where they've come from

It's vital for anyone running their own online business that they know which sites are generating the highest volumes of traffic, which search terms are being used to find the site and which referrals are leading directly to sales conversions. Bluepark's system provides this information, both statistically and by customer, enabling you to adjust your advertising campaigns in order to maximise the return on your investment.

Bluepark's shopping cart solutions enable you to monitor, approach and talk to your online customers in a way that has never before been possible with an ecommerce site.