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"Having used Bluepark for the last 5 years, we would highly recommend them to anybody looking for a feature rich, stable ecommerce software solution.

With excellent support and friendly knowledgeable forums, Bluepark is quite simply the best ecommerce provider to help your online presence grow."

-- Dave, Office Store

"I would highly recommend Bluepark's service to anyone because they provide a comprehensive, ever improving package with support other ecommerce software vendors can only dream of aspiring to."

-- John, Novelty Gift Store

"I cannot recommend Bluepark and the support staff highly enough, the software is constantly evolving with development requests implemented regularly without a cost implication.

We have been with Bluepark for over 3 years now, and their feature rich software has enabled us to take our business to new and very exciting levels."

-- Andy, Underwear Shop

"Switching to Bluepark in 2007 was a fantastic decision. It's a high quality e-commerce solution with flexible functionality and excellent support, all at a price point that makes it very affordable. We really love it."

-- Chris, Hosiery Shop

"After many months of searching for a new ecommerce platform, we found Bluepark's flexibility, functionality and ease of use really stood out from other solutions available.

Having been with Bluepark for over 3 years, we have been constantly impressed with their technical support, which is easily accessible and any problems are quickly resolved."

-- Brian, Accessory Store

"Bluepark is an extremely versatile, constantly evolving ecommerce solution, and the support we have received has been quite simply second to none."

-- Catherine, Book Shop

"My customer service expectations are very high, and as such it takes a lot for me to give the 'thumbs up' to any company - but Bluepark is one such company that regularly exceeds my expectations."

-- Janice, Download Shop

"Choosing Bluepark was one of the easiest decisions we have ever made. Bluepark has all the features we need, and a few more besides, with the welcome bonus of being great value.

We have been more than satisfied not just with the reliability of the service but also the ease with which the site can be customised and administered."

-- Jonathan, Garden Store

"We recommend Bluepark because they are by far the most feature rich hosted ecommerce provider out there, and the support is always second to none."

-- Nadine, Jewellery Shop

"The support we have received has been beyond compare, the shopping cart features are brilliant and always evolving to meet the changing needs of e-commerce."

-- Gill, Lingerie Shop

"Selecting Bluepark was one of the smartest choices I made for my online business. Their friendly telephone support is always extremely efficient and reliable, whilst their highly adaptable platform is absolutely rock solid."

-- Daron, Cake Shop

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More About Bluepark Solutions Ltd

Bluepark's ecommerce software is developed, hosted and supported exclusively by ourselves, here in the UK, and has been so since the company was initially formed in 2004. Your brand new online shop will be hosted securely on our fast and reliable server network, using a domain name of your choice, providing the ability to build and maintain your ecommerce website, and manage your orders, from any location via your own secure online Administration Console.

A Bluepark ecommerce site is the perfect tool for selling online, whether you're selling physical products, digital downloads or services. You'll be in good company with over 1,000 UK customers who also form a friendly and helpful online community, further strengthening our highly acclaimed support network.