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21 November 2023  |  lisa
How to create product categories

A clear navigation and properly structured product catalogue can make all the difference on having a successful shop. A customer's journey to a product should be quick and easy, so making sure your product categories are well organised is a must. Follow our step-by-step guide to set your categories up quickly.

3 November 2023  |  Cate
The Bluepark built-in product blocks

When building your website one thing you need to remember is that itís not just a matter of adding products to it and hoping people will purchase from you. There are many aspects to creating an enticing online shop that will make customers come back time and time again. One thing that can help with this, and give your website a dynamic feel, is the Bluepark built-in product blocks.

16 October 2023  |  Cate
How to set up your V2 Slideshow

Learn how to set up the responsive V2 Slideshow on your Bluepark online shop. Add images, videos, text, links and call-to-action buttons. You can animate it, choose how it displays and style it to create a unique and engaging slideshow that fits your brand perfectly.

16 October 2023  |  Cate
Get acquainted with the new V2 Columns block

The new Columns block allows you to add your own bespoke content to your website in a grid-like fashion without the use of tables. Bluepark then takes care of the responsiveness automatically, ensuring your content displays correctly on all devices.

16 October 2023  |  Cate
Introducing the new V2 Image Gallery blocks

The new V2 Image Gallery block and Image Gallery Carousel block allow you to add multiple images and videos to a page, all with their own optional text, call-to-action button and link. The block can be used for a multitude of engaging content sections on your online shop, on the homepage, as well as all other pages.

10 October 2023  |  Cate
Tips to prepare for Black Friday

Follow our Black Friday guide to help you set up your own unique offers and sell online successfully during the busiest shopping weekend of the year.

11 September 2023  |  Cate
Best practice design for V2 basket & checkout

Bluepark's V2 themes have a variety of new features for your basket and checkout and knowing the best way to use these on your site will help improve your customer's experience, leading to less people abandoning their basket. Our guide explains how to set up your basket and checkout for ecommerce best practices easily with all the tools you need built in.

5 September 2023  |  lisa
How to change the default text on my site

Are you looking to change the default text on your site and make your website stand out from the crowd? Follow our guide where we will explore how you can change the default text on your site to create a unique and engaging user experience for your customers.

5 September 2023  |  lisa
How to set up multiple languages

Set your online shop up for success selling overseas by offering your customers multiple languages. Follow our guide to translate your site and attact more customers.

14 August 2023  |  lisa
How to set up digital downloads for sale

Selling intangible products such as e-books, music, art, etc is easy with Bluepark. You can add digital content to products, so when customers complete their purchase they are able to download the files directly from their accounts.

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