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28 June 2024  |  lisa
How to create and design popups

Find out how to add simple and advanced popups to your online shop and how to design them.

28 June 2024  |  lisa
Going on holiday? Inform visitors when you're away

Find out the best practices for setting your online shop in holiday mode, and how to do it, to ensure you don't lose customers or damage your SEO.

24 April 2024  |  Cate
How to create purchase orders

When running a business that relies on stock from external suppliers it is fundamental that the purchasing and processing of stock is run smoothly and efficiently. Chopping and changing from one system to another to find out what stock is needed, creating a purchase order, sending it to suppliers and receiving stock back in can be time consuming. That's where Bluepark comes in, now you can do it all from one dedicated area in your website's admin console.

22 April 2024  |  lisa
Discount types & how to use them

In this guide, we go through the discount types you can set up with Bluepark and how they are typically used, as well as how you can apply them with step-by-step examples.

22 April 2024  |  lisa
How to set up discounts

With Bluepark, creating discounts is simple. There are a number of types to choose from and additional features that give you the flexibility and edge on discounts and sales. Targeting specific products, categories or even pricing codes, applying a discount is easy when you know how.

17 April 2024  |  lisa
Update payment details on your Bluepark package

Learn how to update your billing details and payment methods on your Bluepark account.

21 March 2024  |  Cate
How to set up two-factor authentication

Follow our guide to ensure your online shop is as secure as it can be by turning on two-factor authentication (2FA) on every Admin account on your site.

18 March 2024  |  lisa
How to create your Footer in V2

Follow our guide to easily create your online shop's Footer within any V2 Theme. Create columns, add links, an email sign up form, social media icons and accepted payment logos.

13 March 2024  |  Cate
Mobile web design best practices

Ensuring your online shop is set up using mobile web design best practices is vital for converting visitors into customers. In our guide, we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know about mobile website design and how to do it right to sell more.

5 March 2024  |  Cate
10 tools to help improve conversions

We've put together a list of ten tools available either within Bluepark or elsewhere on the web. These can help you optimise your online shop to help increase conversions.

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