Migrate your online shop to Bluepark

It can be a daunting prospect to migrate an online shop to another provider. However, with Bluepark's transfer services you can get on with the day-to-day running of your business and make the switch quickly and efficiently with no disruption to sales.

Transfer your online shop to BlueparkTransfer your online shop to BlueparkTransfer your online shop to Bluepark

Migrate your products

Your products are your most important asset and making sure they're added to your new site correctly should be your first priority. By using the Bluepark extensive product import feature, migrating your products can be done quickly and with ease.

Bluepark is not just for computer geeks, even people with little or no experience of selling online are able to get products listed within a few minutes. -- Sam, Evo Roofing

Migrate Your Product Catalogue

Product Transfer Service

Alternatively, we offer a comprehensive service to import your product data, associated images and categories for you. Our in-house Transfer Team can take care of the process for you, allowing you to focus on running your business. Just provide us with a full product and category export from your existing site and we'll send you a quote.

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Decide on your design

When moving to a new platform, you may want to keep your current website's design or it may be a good excuse to start afresh with a brand new design. Either way, you can enjoy the benefit of Bluepark's many features whether you choose a design migration, a brand new design or one of our free built-in themes.

We found it easy to select a design and tailor it to requirements, learning the platform as we progressed and discovering useful features along the way. -- Tim, Dover Books

Migrate Your Online Shop's Design

Choose a new design

Choose from one of our free built-in themes, then simply add your logo and easily change the colours to match your brand. Alternatively, speak to one of our recommended designers, who can create a new design that's unique to you.

Keep your existing design

Alternatively, if you have good web design skills, and are knowledgeable in HTML and CSS, it should be possible to replicate your current site's design on Bluepark. Simply choose the theme that's closest and make any changes you need.

Theme Service

Our dedicated Transfer Team can advise on which theme is the closest to your current theme or which one would best suit your brand. After agreeing your choice, our designers will install and update the theme with your colours and fonts to ensure brand consistency.

Your Logo and Footer links will then be added and the content of your homepage will be populated to match your current site. Simply provide us with your domain and we'll get the ball rolling!

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Retain your rankings

When transferring to a new ecommerce platform, it is possible that some of the URLs on your site will change. If your current site is well established in Google, with good rankings for your key search terms, you will need to let Google know what these URLs have changed to. This must be done using 301 redirects.

We are now up and running, all of the 301 directs are in place, and the Google rankings and customer traffic have not been affected in any way -- Cliff, Dragonflies

Create Your 301 Redirects

Create your redirects

You are able to create 301 redirects yourself, one by one, within the Bluepark system. Simply enter the old URL and the new URL and save. At the very minimum, this should be done for your highest ranking pages, though preferably for all of your pages.

Going Live Check

Once you’re ready to make that final switch and push your site live to the world, get in touch and request a free Going Live Check. Our comprehensive check will ensure that nothing crucial has been missed and that you're ready to sell on your new Bluepark site.

Redirects Service

If you're concerned about your Google rankings, and don't have the time to create the 301 redirects yourself, we offer a comprehensive service to do this for you. Just provide us with a full product and category export from your existing site and we can check if the required information is included, then the we can send you a quote.

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“Bluepark took all of the worries away from me and made a copy of my site, loaded all the products, images etc. and dealt with the technical side of the transfer. The end result was a very smooth transition across with no stress for me, and now I have a far more functional site than I previously had.”

Ceri, Jitpak

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Bluepark website transfer service

We recognise that it can be a daunting prospect to transfer a site from one online shop provider to another. Many people choose to remain with outdated, slow and unmanageable systems because they don’t have the time to focus on making a change, or the idea of moving is just too scary.

Bluepark’s website transfer service enables you can get on with the day-to-day running of your business by letting us do the work for you. In just a few simple steps we can help you achieve a truly hassle-free migration over to a fast, constantly updated, and easy to use ecommerce platform.

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