Take control of your stock

Seamless stock management will keep your inventory consistently accurate and up to date.

Manage Stock

Efficient inventory management from one login

Allowing your website to become your stock management hub enables you to seamlessly sync stock from multiple locations, such as other connected Bluepark sites, an eBay shop, suppliers, drop-shippers, bricks-and-mortar shops and your warehouse. Stock levels will be consistently accurate throughout ensuring you never over-sell and under-deliver.

Backorders and preorders

Both backorders and preorders allow you to sell products even if they’re not in stock. If you have a product that is in high demand, and there is new stock coming in, you can offer your customers a chance to purchase more than you physically have in stock with backorders. For new products that are yet to come in, offering preorders creates a sense of being first in line and getting that elusive product before stock runs out.

Back in stock notifications

When a product is shown as out of stock on your website, you can help avoid disappointing your customers by offering “back in stock” notifications. As soon as the new stock arrives, and is updated in your inventory, the customer will automatically receive an email to let them know. Keeping a close eye on your outstanding notification requests ensures that you’re kept up to date with the current level of product demand.

Connect with suppliers

By connecting your products to suppliers, you can maintain control of where all of your stock is coming from. Stock levels and price changes can be updated regularly using our powerful import/export feature, or you can synchronise your stock in real time using our API. Each supplier can have specific availability options and delivery costs, which automatically display on their associated products.

Availability options

Keeping customers informed of your stock availability always helps to manage their delivery expectations. All products, and their variants, can display simple “in stock” and “out of stock” messages, real time stock levels, whether the product is a special order or the number of days before it will be back in stock. Each message can be enhanced with easily recognisable icons that can’t be missed.

Purchase orders made easy

When running a business that relies on stock from external suppliers, it is fundamental that the purchasing and processing of stock runs smoothly and efficiently. Chopping and changing from one system to another to find out what stock is needed, creating a purchase order, sending it to suppliers, and receiving stock back in can be time consuming. With Bluepark’s built in purchase order system, you can manage all of this easily from one dedicated area in your website’s control panel.

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