Display your products your way, no matter how complex

Whether you sell physical products or digital ones, it’s easy to get your products listed, so you can get on with selling.

Add Your Catalogue

Add your products with ease

Add your product title, price, stock quantity, description, images and video in just a few simple steps. For more advanced products, there’s a multitude of different product features such as warehouse location, optional extras, minimum/maximum order quantity and sales channel assignment.

Upload your products in bulk

To make life even easier, our dynamic import/export system allows you to add all of your product data, assign product images, create all options, attributes and related products, as well as assign categories, suppliers, brands and channels, simply by populating a standard spreadsheet.

Boost your products

Take your products to the next level with selectable product options, such as colour, size and finish, or add optional extras, such as engraving or an uploaded photo for personalisation. Assign product attributes to allow your customers to view vital information at a glance, or use them for easy filtering in categories and search results. Cross-sell with related products that can be added to the basket at the same time.

Structure your catalogue

Structure your product catalogue with categories, products can be added to multiple categories for maximum exposure. Add banners, images and text to improve the customer experience. Allow visitors to reorder and filter products by various criteria. Customers can even purchase directly from the category page, or have a quick look at the full product details without having to navigate away from the category page.

Show your products off

Some of your best selling assets are your product images and Bluepark allows you to showcase your products from every angle with multiple images. You can even assign a different image to each product option to make sure your customers really know what they’re buying.

See the fine detail in every shot with our flexible zoom feature.

Increase conversions by adding YouTube and Vimeo videos.

Add product labels to highlight sale items or new releases.

Adapt your product data for each sales channel

By connecting your online shop to another sales channel, you can optimize your products for that particular channel. Assign your products to Google categories, eBay categories, and change the product title, description and price so they appear differently on the channel as opposed to how they appear on your website.

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